We are always on the lookout for quality writers and contributors passionate about Africa’s developing digital economy. 

Decentralize AFRICA is a platform open to all. If you want to contribute your ideas, articles or any other contents focused on crypto, blockchain & emerging techs. This is your one stop destination.

Our goal is to feed our audience with unique and original contents, news, stories and articles that will encourage healthy conversation.

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How To Become A Writer Or Contributor For Decentralize Africa

  1. Your article or blog post must be simple, well structured, grammatically  punctuated. Also, avoid the use of complex words, except otherwise.
  1. Your articles should come with a good post title. Use headings and subtitles should where necessary. Please note; Decentralize AFRICA may change the title of a post, if we consider it not befitting.
  1. Include images, infographics where necessary, the average internet user finds it difficult to read lengthy posts. But pictures can communicate a thousand thoughts.
  2. Write-up submitted must be 100% original, not copy and paste. Decentralize.Africa will not publish plagiarised content. 
  1. Content submitted should be unique and must not get published on any other platform. 
  1. As said earlier, avoid lengthy posts. Cut out redundancy and try to make it concise. Articles submitted should not exceed 2000 words.
  1. Credit or link back to the original source of any facts, figures and quotes stated are necessary.
  1. We encourage the use of editing applications to make content grammar error free before submission. Apps like ProWritingAid, Grammarly, Hemingway can be very helpful.
  1. You can always communicate back to us with an update as regards any article or post published on our website.

For more information please contact editor@decentralize.africa