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Will Bitcoin retest its 2017 all-time-high? Meet the robot that flies: Decentralize Brief, Oct. 29–Nov. 2

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Happy New Month!

This week’s Decentralize Brief update includes Bitcoin closing above its $13K resistance level of 2017. AI powered robots doing some pretty interesting things. From fixing roads to understanding 100 languages.

Crypto and blockchain brief

Heading for the top🚀

Unfazed by the uncertainty surrounding the cryptocurrency market due to the 2020 US election, Bitcoin keeps on surging high. On the monthly chart, the crypto market unicorn, closed above $13K for the first time since the 2017. Traders have often emphasized how important the $13K level is, and how it can determine if the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, will see further price movements this year.  The question now borders on whether Bitcoin will retest its nearly $20,000 all-time high of 2017. 

How well do you know about Bitcoin?

On the 31st of October, 2020, Bitcoin’s whitepaper clocked 12 years since it was released by the pseudonym founder, Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Not long after the white paper’s release, the first block of Bitcoin was mined. To read the white paper, click on the link below to download it.

Bitcoin – A Peer-to-Peer electronic cash system.

US loss is China’s gain

Bitcoin maximalist and influencer, Anthony Pompliano, in his YouTube show “Lunch Money”, joined the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) debate, commenting that the US cannot afford to take a back seat in the pursuit of developing a Central Bank Digital Currency, and stressing that it needs to happen immediately. China, on the other hand, is finally setting its eyes on launching its CBDC: the “Digital Yuan”, after the recent launch of a successful pilot program that has seen over $30o million transactions processed so far. Chinese technology giant, Huawei, has also announced that its newest smartphone will come with an inbuilt wallet for the Digital Yuan, and will support offline transactions.

Shifting the discourse, how about African countries? Is the CBDC something we should expect soon?

We did an in-depth article on the feasibility of adopting a Central Bank Digital Currency in Africa.

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Artificial Intelligence brief

Creating better roads with AI

A company called Robotiz3D, is planning to build a self driving robot that will fix potholes. The robot will also be able to tell if a particular patch of the asphalt is about to have a pothole plunged into it. It will fix potholes in minutes and maintain easy flow of traffic. 

Hawk inspired robot that is just as agile.

Enrico Anjanic has built a drone with wings. The drone, which was inspired by a hawk, can fly for 7 hours without recharge. The nature of the drone makes it require less battery power than  conventional drones.

Facebook’s new polyglot AI can translate between 100 languages. 

A new Facebook AI has been trained with 7.5 million sentence pairs. The AI does not need English as an intermediate to translate. For conventional AI to translate from French to Chinese, it first translates to English, and then to Chinese. Facebook’s AI doesn’t need to go through English before translating over a 100 languages.

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