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What happens when big celebrities talk about bitcoin



Bitcoin market watch

Bitcoin isn’t a subject meant for only crypto enthusiasts anymore. The flagship crypto is gathering so much attention, to the point that celebrities and socialites are talking about it. It’s becoming a topic for discussion among billionaires and some of the biggest celebrities in the world. This, obviously, will have an effect on the way the currency is perceived. 

The mainstream media now reports on bitcoin more often. Popular investors such as Mark Cuban and Chamath Palihapitiya have been discussing Bitcoin, making it a subject that no one can really turn a blind eye to. Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has also shared his own experience with bitcoin. Wozniak, who says he did not invest in Bitcoin, says he bought it when it was at $700, just to play around. Although he knew about it when it was $70 he, however, could not get his hands on it.

Celebrities have a lot of influential power over millions of audiences around the world. They could actually be a great medium to educate and influence interest in bitcoin and other technologies that could be of great benefit to the world. Although what happens when celebrities talk about bitcoin cannot be statistically proven, but with the amount of influence they wield, something definitely happens when they talk about it. It might not get people to immediately invest in the currency, but the mind is tilted towards trusting Bitcoin, which could probably lead to making a decision to invest.

Arya Stark buys bitcoin.

Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams, who played Arya Stark in one of the biggest series on television has taken to Twitter, seeking opinions on whether she should go into bitcoin or not. The tweet got the attention of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, who gave Maisie his own opinion in the comments.

Bitcoin has been attracting the attention of many with its recent price surges. The 23-year-old who is worth about $6million started a poll on Twitter asking if she should go it to bitcoin. The tweet, which had the time of writing this, had 15.6k likes and 1.7k rẹ tweets, has about 902,304 votes with 53.4 saying no and 46.6 saying yes.

Elon Musk added the comment “Toss a bitcoin to your witcher”. Although the comment clearly means she should consider going into the bitcoin, The Witcher is however a series that didn’t star Maisie Williams and fans of the 23-year-old had a lot to say to the Tesla boss. 

Although the polls encouraged Maisie to avoid going into Bitcoin, the GoT star tweeted the next day, that she already bought bitcoins. 

Kevin Hart says bitcoin is voodoo money.

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart has said that bitcoin is voodoo money. He said this during a live stream event for a crypto-based non-profit organization. When asked if the organization accepted cryptocurrencies, Kevin said, “We don’t take the voodoo. So if you’re out here trying to give us the voodoo money, we don’t…” The actor then immediately  corrected himself by saying “what? We do take the voodoo. Oh wait, hold up — I’ve been told that we do take cryptocurrency. I’m being told that it’s a legit investment worth almost $250 billion. Okay yeah, we do take it. Ok, so we do take it.” 

It is apparent that what Kevin meant by voodoo money is how much ROI bitcoin investors have gotten from investing in the digital asset. The ease at which one can buy, store, and transfer the currency is too easy it could be termed as voodoo. 

Davido crashes BitSika servers.

Davido’s run in with bitcoin has been through a partnership with BitSika, an African crypto payment app. Davido, who is one of the continents biggest celebrities, created so much traffic that crashed 10 BitSika servers. 

Davido encouraged his fans on Twitter and Instagram to use the app and get acquainted with cryptocurrencies.

Kanye believes bitcoin will liberate us.

Business mogul and rapper, Kanye West, said in a popular podcast, that the geniuses behind cryptocurrencies have a perspective on the true liberation of America and humanity. 

According to Kanye “These guys really have a perspective on what the true liberation of America and humanity will be,” 

Kanye adds further that a lot of tech guys, specifically the “bitcoin guys”, have created “new information highways, and the next frontier of our existence”. 

The creation of bitcoin came a year after a financial crisis that rocked the world. This financial crisis was caused by the amount of power wielded by financial institutions. Bitcoin brings financial freedom, which truly can be equated to all kinds of freedom. The asset might seem like a topic for excited investors but like Kanye says, it might as well be the next frontier of our existence.

Bobby Bitcoin aka Logic 

American rapper logic has changed his Twitter name to Bobby Bitcoin after he bought $6 million worth of bitcoins. The rapper posted a video on his Instagram story announcing he bought $6 million of bitcoins. 

In the vid Logic muttered “YOLO” (you only live once). Insinuating it was a risk worth taking, Logic tugged on his hoddy like he’s done something awesome. 

At the rate bitcoin is growing, buying $6 million does look like good investment. According to an analysis, if by last month Logic meant October 31 then his $6 million would have gotten him about 433 BTC. Which today would be worth roughly $7,926,500 which equates to a whopping $2 million profit in less than a month. 

Don Jazzy the Bitcoin trader

It was 7:01 am, 21st June 2020 when the Mavins boss, Don Jazzy, posted a picture of his trading chart on Twitter

The popular music producer had earlier shared his tutorials on candle sticks and other charts.

Although Nigeria has the second largest peer-to-peer trading volumes globally, not a lot of its celebrities are known to be traders or enthusiasts.

With a lot of bitcoin news pouring into the mainstream media, there’s a likely chance that more bitcoin will get the attention of more Nigerian celebrities.


Bolu Abiodun is a recent graduate of Theatre and Media Arts, Federal University Oye-Ekiti. A journalist with over a year's experience on the job. A former editor at American Media company Project Forward, he is a skilled content creator, social media manager and digital marketer.

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Bitcoin gets hacked, scammers run BTC giveaway scam



Earlier today,, the oldest cryptocurrency website registered by the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, recently got hacked. Scammers ran a BTC giveaway scam with a promise to return double the amount users send to the named address. In the end, the scammers were reported to have collected $17,764 before the website was taken down. The website was inaccessible for a few hours after the incident, but normal service has been resumed.

To bring users’ attention to the hack, a pseudo-anonymous Twitter account with the name Cobra took to Twitter to reveal the news and claimed that the website may be offline for some days. He also clarified through his tweets that has never been hacked and that the breach must have been due to a lapse on the part of Cloudflare- the web provider that the website is hosted on.

“ hasn’t been hacked, ever. We move to Cloudflare, and two months later we get hacked. Can you explain where you were routing my traffic too? Because my actual server didn’t get any traffic during the hack” he tweeted.

The scam on the website was perpetrated through a giveaway. Visitors on the website were greeted with a popup, asking them to send crypto to a Bitcoin wallet via a QR code and receive double the amount in return. The fake message showed that the Bitcoin Foundation was giving back to the community and that the giveaway will be limited to the first 10,000 people. This was made to draw more people into the scam.   According to an analysis on the scam address done by Reddit Sleuth, it was presumed that a chunk of the 0.4BTC came from the scammers themselves to add an element of credibility to the claim. At the time of writing this report, is once again, back to life.

How popular is the Bitcoin giveaway scam?

Bitcoin giveaway scam is quite popular among hackers as it allows them to make fast money without tampering with anyone’s wallet. In 2020, Twitter handles of top crypto celebrities, politicians and influencers were hacked to run Bitcoin giveaways. While the scammers were apprehended, the value of Bitcoin was not affected.

Today’s scam on did not affect the price of the coin either. Despite the Evergrande debt crisis and the fluctuations bedevilling the crypto market within the week, Bitcoin increased by 2.05% within the last 24 hours, thereby moving from $42,789 to $44,378.

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El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption – What you need to know



El Salvador made history (and headlines) after becoming the first nation to endorse and approve the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as a legal tender. The move makes Bitcoin acceptable for transactions within the Central American country alongside the U.S dollar, which has been serving as the paper currency since 2001. This comes after the so-called “Bitcoin Law” came into force after passing legislation in June of 2021. El Salvador’s government announced that it had purchased 400 Bitcoin in 2 tranches of 200 each and plans to get more in the future.

The move to adopt Bitcoin has been justified by the government’s need to boost financial inclusion in the country. It is estimated that 70% of El Salvadorans do not have access to financial services and the government believes that Bitcoin can help close the gap. The Bank of America has outlined a few benefits that they believe will result from El Salvador’s bitcoin adoption. These include promotion of financial digitization, streamlining remittances as well as opening the country to digital currency miners. However, not all agree that the move is a step in the right direction.

Amongst the detractors of the scheme are the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, each having warned El Salvador about the risks of Bitcoin’s use as legal tender. The World Bank has been irked by what it described as “environmental and transparency shortcomings” with bitcoin, while the IMF cited “economic and legal concerns” in relation to the move.

Other than the push back from these international bodies, there has been some internal opposition to the adoption of Bitcoin. Citizens had held protests over Bitcoin’s adoption in August and about 67.9% of respondents in a poll said they disagreed with the government’s decision to adopt crypto. The results of the poll showed that 8 in 10 people had little confidence in the use of bitcoin as the currency.

In spite of the criticism, El Salvador’s government is moving forward and has reportedly installed 200 Bitcoin ATMs across the country. And in response to the World Bank’s environmental concerns, El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, has said the country plans to power mining activities using renewable energy from the country’s volcanoes. In order to incentivize the use of Bitcoin in the country, any citizen who signs up for the country’s “Chivo” wallet will get 30$ worth of bitcoin.

All in all, the adoption of a cryptocurrency by a sovereign nation is seen as a testing ground for many, as this is a use case Bitcoin has never experienced in its 12-year history. Countries such as Brazil and Panama seem to be watching the move to draw insights on whether to follow suit.

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Is Bitcoin Still a Good Investment?



Source: Decentralize Africa; Bitcoin Investment

The above question is being asked a lot due to the surge and drop of bitcoin over the past months – so aspiring investors are curious about whether the coin remains a lucrative investment. Bitcoin is the world’s most treasured and appreciated digital currency in terms of its worth in the open market and this fascinates a vast scale of investors. While there have been ups and downs, Bitcoin still poses to be a good investment. 

When compared to various cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has been proven to have innumerable benefits; 


Diversifying your crypto portfolio is very important and investing in bitcoin, amongst others, can help you do just that. Several foundations and pension funds have added bitcoin to their portfolio over the years. Investment strategists have gone on to say that adding bitcoin to your portfolio may improve returns without notably increasing volatility. 

Working Capital and Cash Flow 

Bitcoin has shown to be a financial strong suit in terms of liquidity. At inexpensive prices, you can quickly swap Bitcoin for fiat currency or gold. The level of cash flow is often dependent on how many users, or in this case investors, a platform has. The liquidity of cryptocurrencies is likely to skyrocket if adoption rises and more people invest in Bitcoin as a viable means of exchange. 

Basic Trading And Operations 

More often than not, investing in stocks or company shares would require a license for the former and a visit to a broker for the latter. However, with Bitcoin, trading is made easy. Buying and selling Bitcoin is made easy and you can store them in your wallet with little to no hassle. Trading in Bitcoin is also instantaneous. 

Digitalized Storage And Repository

Due to the upgrade of technology, cryptocurrencies are not subject to the traditional form of investment and storage like banks. Instead, the data is stored in a peer-to-peer network of nodes and duplicated across the world. 

Digital Gold 

Owing to its limited accessibility, Bitcoin is referred to, by many, as the “digital gold”. Like with gold, which has to be extracted from the earth, Bitcoin has to be “mined” through the use of computer software and thus, cannot be produced at the snap of fingers. Bitcoin has been said to have features akin to gold, silver and the likes. 

Brand New Opportunities 

The fact that Bitcoin is still current in the world of cryptocurrencies brings room for fresh opportunities. Its newness poses a high price alteration and volatility, which may lead to vast profits if invested properly. 

Bitcoin has always been a smart expenditure. The rate at which individuals adopt the coin is proof that it is still a good investment. Bitcoins will help in diversifying your portfolio, it will help in simple and stress-free trading, it will help in electronic and digital storage, amongst many others. Bitcoin as a long-term investment is feasible because the supply is fixed. It goes without saying that Bitcoin has the potential to become a global currency.

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