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Ways AI is transforming the Aerospace and Defense system

Artificial Intelligence

The aerospace and defense industry requires supporting software that can initiate quick decisions in high-risk scenarios. These sectors are under constant pressure to maximize profitability and improve operational efficiency. There is every need to continuously adapt to business disruptions. It is necessary that aerospace and defense sectors optimize revenue gains and increase efficiencies by building intelligent processes. AI has an increasingly central role to play in achieving these processes. In this article, we will take a look at ways AI is currently transforming the aerospace and defense system.

Aircraft smart maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is one of the most important tasks in aerospace and defense systems, but this process can be slow and time consuming, as it is done on a scheduled basis. Lack of maintenance can lead to failures or unexpected errors which can result to dowtime and inefficiency. AI powered predictive maintenance can drive efficiency in aerospace and defense systems in terms of maintenance of aircraft and other devices. AI can easily extract information from sensors and reports through maintenance data gathering and interpretations. AI enables early detection and report of failures which helps to predict accurate timelines for appropriate repairs.

Improved Training and Optimizing of Flight Path

AI can be used to give pilots more realistic training experience through AI simulators integrated with virtual reality systems. AI powered simulators can be used to create personalized training patterns based on each trainee’s results by collecting and analyzing training data which include biometric data. AI powered systems within the cockpit can also assist pilots by optimizing real time flight path through assessing and notification of fuel level, system status, weather conditions and other parameters. Pilot’s efficiency can be improved by extending virtual fields when an aircraft is equipped with smart cameras operated by AI algorithms.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

A considerable impact on emissions can be experienced from any little improvement in an aircraft’s fuel consumption. Increased fuel efficiency is one of the main targets of aerospace industries and AI powered systems can make this possible. There is a machine learning tool from AI providers that is capable of optimizing climbing profiles prior to each flight. Aircrafts consume more fuel during the climbing phase, so, optimizing this phase can lead to considerable fuel saving.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Because of the large data sets available for analysis, AI can essentially be useful in intelligence. For example, Project Maven plans to incorporate computer vision and machine learning algorithms into intelligence collection cells that would comb through footage from uninhabited aerial vehicles and automatically identify hostile activity for targeting. Here, the job of  human analysts that spend hours 

Perusing drone footage for actionable information, will be automated by AI, thereby giving analysts more space to make more efficient and timely decisions based on the data.

Cyberspace Operations

AI has the potential of serving as a  key technology in advancing military cyber operations. According to Cyber Command Admiral, Michael Rogers, in his 2016 testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, “relying on human intelligence alone in cyberspace is “a losing strategy”. 

“If you can’t get some level of AI or machine learning with the volume of activity you’re trying to understand when you’re defending networks… you are always behind the power curve.”

Common cybersecurity tools look for historical matches to ascertain malicious code. This is not an effective security measure because hackers only have to modify small portions of that code to circumvent the defense. On the other hand, AI-enabled tools, can be trained to detect anomalies in broader patterns of network activity, thus, presenting a more comprehensive and dynamic barrier to attack.

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