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The Africa Blockchain Developers Call Series: An Overview

The Africa Blockchain Developers Call (ABDC) Series is a Pan-African bootcamp which is targeted at training several African developers and incubating ideas for the deployment of blockchain use cases and the acceleration of the adoption of a decentralised system in Africa.

The three-month program will include intensive trainings, weekend conferences, keynote speeches, roundtable discussions and pitches from several developers. Following the conclusion of the Bootcamp, the developers will be released into the tech labour market with the requisite skills which would enable them to compete effectively.

Asides training African developers, the ABDC Bootcamp seeks to deploy local content in the form of specially tailored solutions for the African continent, which would be created by Africans and equally utilised by Africans. To achieve this, the origin of blockchain will be analysed, and a comparative overview of areas in which blockchain use cases have been deployed, will equally be attempted. These strategies would be adopted in a bid to draw lessons from previous attempts at blockchain integration, and in turn, devise perfectly tailored solutions for the African continent. The Bootcamp has also partnered with two blockchain platforms: the Ardor platform and the KODEX HTML platform. This will aid scalability and provide a wide range of options with which these solutions can be tested. 

Applications for membership and the submission of pitches will be made open by the 15th of August. For more information on the ABDC Bootcamp, or enquiries on the program, kindly visit or send a mail to

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