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REVIEW: Investing into stocks? Try Invest Bamboo, Rise or Trove Finance

The Nigerian Naira has continued to drown in constant devaluation, day after day. Earning in naira alone in the current-day Nigeria is a subtle invitation to a financial catastrophe. Dollar investments provide an alternative path to help Nigeria grow their income and earn impressive returns on their money instead of storing it in a bank and watching their money get devalued.

However, in Nigeria, investment is perceived as a terrain for only a fragment of the country’s population due to the complexities associated with the process. 

Financial technology in Nigeria has charted a high-growth trajectory in recent years, and relatively recent financial technology products have opened up unrestricted access to investing in top foreign stocks, providing access to the average Nigerian to actively participate in trading top foreign stocks.

This article offers a glimpse into the product of three of the financial technology platforms in Nigeria—  Invest Bamboo, Risevest and Trove Finance— that are providing Nigerians with a fertile tech-powered space to help them invest and grow their income.

Invest Bamboo

Founded in 2019 by Richmond Bassey and Yanmo Omorogbe, Invest Bamboo was created to enable the average Nigerian to easily trade in foreign stocks with as low as $20. The registration process is very smooth and easy, and can be completed within just a few minutes. 

The company’s investment platform is available as Android and iOS apps, depending on the preferred choice of a user. The platform provides access to over 3000 stocks which are listed on US and Nigerian stock exchanges. This bridges the gap of investing in foreign companies by average Nigerians, by allowing Nigerians to easily invest in Tesla stocks, Amazon stocks, etc, and other foreign stocks that they have been hoping to, one day, purchase.

The app features a profile page which contains all the financial information of a user. From this page or the home page, users can purchase stocks. Users can also sell stocks on the platform. Both buying and selling of stocks are possible with the app. This creates a complete stock trading experience for users.

For users who have no experience in stock trading, the app features information on the shares that are most purchased by the platform’s users. This provides an orientation that positions novice investors to make informed stock trading decisions. A watchlist feature also exists, where users can search for stocks and add those they are interested in. This provides an avenue for users to explore great stock options and decide which one to go for.

To keep users abreast on recent activities in global finance markets, the platform comprises a news feed. This equips users with up-to-date information on global financial trends.

For experienced investors who are interested in investing in a particular sector, a classification of stock in eight categories is made available, including technology and retail stock categories, from which they can select the sector they are interested in and begin to explore and trade. Users can also gift stocks to others via a feature in the app.


Rise is a financial technology platform that simplifies dollar investments for Nigerians. With as low as $10, users can begin to invest and get returns on their capital.

The company’s solution is packaged into an app, Rise Vest, that is available both on Android and iOS platforms. The app features an intuitive wallet that allows users to connect their bank and cards to the app so that their accounts can be funded anytime. For every person a user refers to download the app, $5 will be added to their account, which can be used to invest.

Users have three investment options: investing in US stocks, Real Estate and Eurobonds. Each of the asset classes are tagged with the degree of risk associated with investment in them: low risk, medium risk and high risk. The platform also allows users to set an investment duration for their selected investment plan.

Investing with Rise does not require users to be financially savvy. Their users comprise a diverse pool of novice and experienced investors. Users only need to fund their accounts and leave the rest of the investment process to be handled by Rise. A team of financial experts is available to help users make the best investment decisions. 

The platform also grants users access to their free investment club where finance experts and other members of the club share insightful information on the best way to get impressive returns on investments. 

Another interesting feature that makes the app a top choice for users is the integration of an algorithm that filters through the portfolio of top fund managers in the US. “Our filter is an algorithm that scans the stock holdings of the best fund managers across the US every quarter. It picks out the new stocks that most of these managers are adding to their portfolios that quarter. The more fund managers are adding a particular stock, the higher that stock ranks on our list since that means a lot of investors and research analysts think these are good investments,” the company says.

Trove Finance 

Backed by one of the biggest asset managers in Nigeria, Trove Finance offers an automated investment experience for Nigerians to trade shares of Nigerian, US and Chinese companies. This is achieved without human assistance.

Trove offers a demo account for users who are new to trading to learn the art of investment by trading on the platform without incurring any financial loss. 

The app features a list of asset classes that can be invested in, including: Nigerian, and foreign stocks, ETFs, REITs and Bonds.

A user’s wallet on the app can be funded via card payment and bank transfers. Users can get information on available funds in their Nigerian and US Dollar wallet. The funds can be converted either ways. 

With just $10, anyone can begin their investment journey via the Trove Finance app, on Android or iOS. A user’s wallet on the app can be funded via card payment and bank transfers. Users can get information on available funds in their Nigerian and US Dollar wallet. The funds can be converted either ways. 


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