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My Crypto Journey: Francis Obasi, CEO Lead Wallet

Francis Obasi
Francis Obasi

Meet Francis Obasi

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2016, at the height of the MMM boom. At the time, the MMM founders were introducing MMM Bitcoin. It was a way of reducing the pressure on the fiat currency. MMM was at its climax then, the story curve was flattening and it was at the point of reaching its denouement. 

Regardless, I started researching what Bitcoin was. I discovered that it was internet money that could be used as a means of exchange. I went further to unlock more information about it. I learnt about how it could be mined and traded on crypto exchanges. I was astounded because I thought stocks were the only thing that can be traded in exchanges.

After digging further, things started to get complicated and I started to get bored so I forgot about the whole crypto thing for a while. My interest was reawakened in 2017 when I learnt the price of bitcoin was skyrocketing. Only in 2016, the price was barely N50,000 and now in 2017 it had more than doubled. That was all the encouragement I needed to really start the crypto journey. 

Crypto became so interesting to me. I was reading up on it a lot and knew it was going to be a very lucrative industry. I learnt of upcoming projects and ICOs. The crypto industry was open to a lot of innovation and I really wanted to be a part of it. 

Unfortunately, a lot of the projects I invested in were scam projects. I was ignorant when it came to doing proper due diligence and I learnt the hard way. However, the scams did not deter me. I pushed and shoved my way through till I got a job with BankCoin. It was a crypto exchange company that also had its native coin known as “Bank”. I wrote a couple of articles for the crypto exchange and they decided to pay me for it. It was then I thought things were looking up for me in this crypto game. It was all the more exciting and appreciated because I did something I enjoyed doing and got paid for it. I earned a total of N50,000 then but my excitement was worth a lot more.  

Although I was deep into the crypto journey, the N50,000 paycheck motivated me to burn the bridges behind me. “There was no going back,” I told myself. I went back to researching. I wanted to understand crypto and the crypto industry in its entirety so that I could earn more. 

My first move to earning more within the crypto space was to rise through the ranks even within BankCoin. I moved to become a community manager because the exchange had quite a large community. Luckily I got the job and it came with a bigger paycheck as well,  $100 weekly. 

Prior to the BankCoin job, the losses I had suffered investing in scam schemes almost made me lose faith in crypto. But the ability to render services that mattered and that was duly appreciated within the crypto space drew me deeper into the sphere. It was a budding industry with so much potential. The deal was sealed for me, it was crypto or nothing, I was prepared to render services that would help grow the industry. 

Having spent a few months at BankCoin, I moved to AmaZix. Things went on smoothly at AmaZix for some months until the bear market set in. Consequently, I got laid off. The bear market of 2018 was perhaps one of the most gloomy seasons in the crypto world. 

However, I decided to fight, I was going to take on the entire crypto market\industry for screwing me. To fight, I created my own community management company called ICE. I learnt quickly that I was not going to take on the entire industry on my own. ICE was dead or if you may,  melted in about 3-4months. Getting clients in the heart of the bear market was impossible. 

Interestingly, ICE was more than a failed crypto company; it was the catalyst to the creation of Lead Wallet. While at ICE we got to thinking, and the Lead Wallet idea came through. Truthfully between AmaZix and ICE, I have interfaced with several projects at different positions and a lot of that culminated into Lead Wallet. 

Crypto itself is on a journey and honestly, it has barely begun. A lot of innovations are coming to the industry and it is going to be amazing. As for me, I’m riding with crypto all the way. 


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