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My Crypto Journey: Doris Ojuederie – Founder, Blockchain Africa Ladies

Everyone in the crypto scene has a story to share of how they discovered or came across bitcoin. This is what My Crypto Journey is all about.

Have you ever imagined we all will be here as one big community advocating for decentralisation, transparency, and trust? This becomes possible because we all encountered or heard about bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the commonality we share.

This series is opened to bitcoiners,  crypto enthusiast, actors, and key players in the crypto and blockchain scene. 

In this edition of My Crypto Journey, we have Doris Ojuederie – Founder, Blockchain Africa Ladies share with us how she came across bitcoin, her experience, the journey so far, success stories, how she’s building and fostering adoption.

Meet Doris Ojuederie

Founder, Blockchain Africa Ladies. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always been quite enterprising. I grew up in a large family as the sixth of seven children; but my thirst for financial freedom drove me to trying out seemingly viable opportunities to make profits and fend for myself. This was primarily how I encountered blockchain or at least, at the time, cryptocurrency. 

Whilst I was studying Accounting in 2015, a few of my friends mentioned cryptocurrency in a conversation. Although I became curious, I did not necessarily act on my curiosity until 2016. That year, I started conducting my own research and attending cryptocurrency-related seminars. I basically utilised the power of social media. Although, I made enough money to fend for myself, I was strictly a cryptocurrency trader at the time, and I honestly had not been exposed to the endless potentials of blockchain technology. But of course, in subsequent years, the narrative totally changed. 

One of the most eye-opening discoveries during my cryptocurrency journey, was that the industry was(and is still largely) male-dominated. When I attended conferences, there were few women, if any. I discovered that a lot of women had not been exposed to the life-changing potential of blockchain, and even worse, many of these women had been conditioned to viewing cryptocurrency trading as a man’s job. This was why I founded the Blockchain African Ladies. 

For me, blockchain is a major key to the financial freedom of African women, and by extension, the development of the African continent. None of these feats would be attained when women are left unempowered. This is of course, because no society can truly experience sustainable development when half of its population is marginalised. Just as much as blockchain completely turned my life around, I strongly believe it can do the same for other women, especially in view of the deep impoverishment that many African women currently face. 

If I had to go down memory lane, I would honestly admit that although my cryptocurrency journey has been largely fulfilling, the path to fulfillment was not entirely devoid of challenges. I made quite a number of mistakes. One of such mistakes is the fact that I ventured into cryptocurrency trading without having a guide. Crypto assets would definitely not qualify as rocket science, but they are not necessarily easy to understand, either. I did not have a strong grasp of the technicalities of trading, and of course, I paid dearly for it. I got burned a lot. I invested in a number of bad coins and I got scammed by ponzi schemes. I did not take the magnitude of Bitcoin seriously, either. When I ventured into Bitcoin, it was about $250-$300. If I had considerable knowledge that cryptocurrencies were set to blow up, my life would have definitely been different. 

But overall, the pros still outweigh the cons. Blockchain technology is an investment I would recommend to anyone, primarily because it can be applied in virtually all sectors of the economy. The beauty of the tech and all its components is that irrespective of your location or status, there is always room for you. If I could relate a statement to a prospective investor, it would be that just like the internet, blockchain technology is the next big thing. It would be best to hop on the train, before it completely speeds off. 

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