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Jelurida Africa Is Set To Expand Into More African Countries

Jelurida Africa
Jelurida Africa Team

Jelurida Africa is set to scale its blockchain operations in 2021, as the company has announced its expansion to other African countries. In 2020, the blockchain company launched the maiden edition of the Africa Blockchain Developers Call Series, a program targeted at fostering blockchain education in Africa. This program was immensely successful, and it equally sealed the company’s footprints in numerous African countries. This year, the company plans to fully optimise its presence in more African countries. This move has been described by the company’s Managing Director, Adedayo Adebajo, as a major step in actualizing widespread blockchain adoption in Africa.

To bring this expansion to reality and equally harness its potentials, the blockchain company has expanded its workforce to accommodate highly qualified community managers, business developers and marketing executives from 5 African countries. These countries include Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Nigeria. There are also plans underway to extend the expansion to other African countries. The first official meeting with the team was conducted yesterday, in order to officially kickstart the company’s expansion process.

The new country representatives of Jelurida Africa include: Appiah Kwabena, Business Dev/Community Mgr, Ghana, Charles Chale; Business Dev/Community Mgr, Tanzania, Francois NIRINGIYIMANA; Business Dev/Community Mgr, Rwanda, Edson Kipkirui; Business Dev/Community Mgr, Kenya, Nelson Lemashon, Social Media Manager, Kenya.

Whilst blockchain education was the central focus of Jelurida Africa in 2020, the company is charting a new course this year, by placing a central focus on product deployment. The products which are set to be deployed are mainly products which were pitched by African developers at the Maiden Edition of the Africa Blockchain Developers’ Call (ABDC Series 1), alongside other locally-developed blockchain products on the Ardor platform. The mission for the product deployment is basically to build solutions for the customers, rather than attaining customers for the products.

Subsequently, Jelurida Africa will be fully involved in the pre-launch, project testing, community boosting, funding and marketing of the ABDC Series 1 projects. This is in a bid to create blockchain products which are specially tailored to suit the needs of the African society. Alongside project deployment, there are equally plans to launch BIoT labs in the second quarter of the year. This is in a bid to foster research and development. Evidently, Jelurida Africa has numerous plans in store for 2021.

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