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Highlights of week 4 of The African Blockchain Developers Call Series

African Blockchain Developers Call virtual weekend series

The fourth week of the weekend series of the African Blockchain Developers Call (ABDC Series), a web conference series aimed at accelerating participation and adoption of blockchain solutions, was held on the 19th of September, 2020 where the theme “Blockchain Application in Logistics (Supply chain)” was explored and examined by experts and professionals in the blockchain space. The session saw an influx of discourses of how the supply chain field could be aided by blockchain technology solutions towards strengthening its efficiency and adequacy. 

Trace Labs, an organization which is the core developer of the OriginTrail Technology, through its activities, intends to address issues affecting data such as inefficiency and inadequacy in the administration of the supply chain. The organization attempts to employ blockchain technology solutions in making data more structured, accessible, and trusted. Jurij Skornik, who serves as TraceLab’s General Manager, states that the solutions enable the data to be of global standards, enhance flexible data settings, enable secure data exchanges across platforms, and serve as a powerful base for business applications. The organization hopes to aid efficiency in the areas of It and the Next Generation Internet, through collaborations with big tech companies like Oracle, to improve its Network Operating System for the adequate rendering of effective service to its users.

The Series witnessed a breakout session and Fireside Chat with the Convener, Adedayo Adebajo, who doled out insights on the theme by exploring the emerging issues in the supply chain sector and how blockchain solutions could help accelerate growth in the field. 

Ship Chain’s CEO, John Monarch, highlighted the goals of the platform (ShipChain) in effectively administering supply chains and eliminating potential challenges customers may encounter in the course of transactions. During his platform presentation, he stated that his firm helps make supply chain companies accountable in the course of the movement of freight to the customers. He states that  through the use of the decentralized Ethereum blockchain technologies, records of cargoes are accessible in real time, every step of the way. 

Panel Discussion

The Combined Panel Session was graced by supply chain professionals like Helen Disney, John Monarch, Jurij Skornik and Sebastian, who all prescribed ideas on the session theme and issues emerging in the sector.

Helen Disney; the Founder of Unblocked, highlighted that her organization collaborates with supply chains and other allied organizations to propagate the benefits of blockchain solutions. She stated that the nature of the multifaceted solutions adopted, often affects orientation in blockchain solutions. She equally mentioned that the increase in mainstream customers in the sector, would drive investments and growth in logistics and supply chain. To Disney, distributed ledgers and blockchain could enhance transparency in the healthcare sector, especially in times of pandemic. She expressed optimism on the growth of the sector and participation of industries in the application of blockchain solutions to supply chains.

John Monarch; explained that the supply chain is the movement of everything, ranging from the movement of goods from the manufacturer right to the customers hoping to utilize the product. He stated that blockchain solutions have not been optimally tapped but it is a sector now gaining traction especially in the logistics sector. He mentioned that blockchain solutions are now getting support in the large tech, and that the reluctance of companies in the adaptation of blockchain solutions is as a result of the fact that they wish to be sure of the security of the future of blockchain before they indulge in adapting it to their services.  

He states that the transparency in records and tracking of services in distributed ledgers enhances trust in the customer base on the effectiveness of blockchain solutions in the logistics sector.

Jurij Skornik; argues that the supply chain does not only cover how the goods move, but also what happens to the products during the course of movement. He stated that transformation requirements, data standards and usability are still misunderstood in the blockchain sector and much needs to be done in that aspect. He mentioned that fake certifications and canceled orders often affect the system’s efficiency, and proposed that more effective solutions should be pursued to protect the integrity of the chain.

Sebastian; who serves as the African Ambassador for Dallas, an enterprise level open blockchain organization, explained that the blockchain would help in assisting in day to day transactions and would go a long way in enhancing traceability of goods and accountability in the supply chain. He stated that blockchain solutions are now being gradually accepted in Africa because of the transparency it provides in the provision of services. 

The panelists all expressed ideas on how blockchain solutions could influence effective supply chains and how the transactions would feature public and transparent distributed ledgers in supply chains and logistics services in the near future.

The African Blockchain Developers Call virtual weekend series is still ongoing. You can register via this link: ABDC Series Event page


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