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Earn up to $3Google’s new AI will help you remember the song!

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Are you following the US presidential election? Who are you rooting for? I’m not even American, and I’m feeling anxious. 😟 – Samuel Attah

Let’s dive into today’s curations: 

  • 🤖 From AI detecting songs stuck in your head, to identifying the COVID-19 infection from just the sound of your cough.
  • 🚀 Bitcoin is just $5000 short from its all-time high
  • 🆕 Introducing lunch time read: 🍱⏰

By Samuel Attah, Kehinde Ojewale ✍️

Crypto Brief

Bitcoin to the moon 🌕

Despite the lingering uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the US election, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Bitcoin, on Thursday, closed above $15,000, its highest level since January 2018.

Bitcoin has been on a bull run this year, and it is currently trading around $15K to $15,700.

If you’re pondering on whether to invest Bitcoin, we recently published: why Bitcoin remains the most profitable asset of the decade.

Flagged Bitcoin clamped by US Govt

The US government has seized over $1 billion dollars (69,369 BTC) worth of Bitcoin which is related to the infamous darknet market called ‘Silk road’. Silk road is a dark market where illegal goods and services, such hard drugs, are bought and sold. As at the time of operation in 2013, before it was shut down, Silk Road was reportedly responsible for nearly 20% of Bitcoin transactions, according to Chainalysis.

Earn up to $3000 cash rewards in new Binance Africa affiliate program

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has  launched an affiliate program with the aim of spreading into communities in Africa. The affiliate program is open to anyone, including content creators, YouTubers, and even community managers with a passion for educating and sharing knowledge. Application is currently ongoing. For more information, you may visit the sign up page.

🆕 Lunch time read 🍱⏰

When it comes to elections in Africa, the tales carry enough tragedy— from deep electoral malpractices to violence. Jerry Ojumah has one of such tales, and this is why he used his ingenuity and creativity to create an election process that could afford Africa a chance at the limelight.

Read more on this: Young man’s Blockchain solution to Elections

AI brief

Google can guess the song that’s stuck in your head

Google has recently launched its Hum to Search feature. Now, you no longer have to experience the frustration that comes with trying to decode a song when all you can remember is “oh na naaa na da daaa daaaa taa ra raa raaa.” All you need to do is hum the song, whistle or sing any part of the song that you can remember. After humming, Google’s algorithm will try to help you identify the song you’re trying to remember and provide available information on it.

New AI model can detect Covid-19 from the sound of your cough

Researchers from MIT have developed an artificial intelligence model that can identify the Covid-19 infection, especially in asymptomatic people. By just listening to a person’s cough, the AI model can identify if the person is infected with the virus or not. The model was able to accurately identify 100 percent of coughs from people who have the Covid-19 infection but showed no symptoms, and 98.5 percent of coughs from those that were confirmed to have Covid-19.

Meet Tickeron’s trading AI robots that trade without human supervision

Artificial intelligence platform,  Tickeron, has disrupted the trading of stocks, forex pairs and cryptocurrencies with their AI robot traders. Their robot traders analyse trends and combine several pieces of information into useful tips that help you trade and get great returns on your investment. 

The platform also recently launched its swing trading AI robots. “This feature can not only make swing trades for the user, but can educate them on why a certain trade is taking place, through the option of Paper Trades to monitor open and closed trades,” announced, Sergey Savastiouk, the CEO and Founder of Tickeron.

🆕 Lunch time read: 🍱⏰

Extended Reality is still a far-fetched technology, in Africa, however, it’s gradually taking a spot in countries like Nigeria.

Find out more: How some organizations are carving a stable spot for Extended Reality in the West African country.

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