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Decentralize Brief — The next big treasure

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Crypto brief

The next big treasure

  • Corporations and many companies continue to add bitcoin to their reserve assets. Last time, it was MicroStrategy and Square Inc that acquired $425 million and $50 million worth of Bitcoin, respectively. 
  • Stone Ridge Holdings, an American asset management company, is the latest to yet again, wrack up bitcoin from the market, as part of its treasury reserve strategy. It was reported the company bought 10,000 Bitcoins worth $114 million.
  • The fall of the US Dollar is the beginning for Bitcoin. With the falling rate of the US Dollar, Bitcoin is winning over new Hodlers. Bitcoin is the new reserve asset for companies.

Anthony Pompliano announces he has 80% of his capital in bitcoin

  • Investor and former Facebook team member, Anthony Pompliano, recently revealed that he is not one of those people that talk much about bitcoin without the skin to go into it.
  • According to the information in one of his podcasts, Pompliano said that 80% of his wealth is concentrated in the leading cryptocurrency.

No end in sight to OKEx withdrawal suspension

  • Users on the OKEx exchange are becoming more scared as the days pass, since the announcement of a halt to withdrawals— with no further announcements and no timeline as to when assets will be released.
  • According to sources, since its announcement on October 16th about suspending withdrawals and the subsequent statement which read that: “One of our private key holders is currently cooperating with a public security bureau in investigations where required”, OKEx has released no significant information. 

AI brief

Google assistant now works in other apps.

  • Using google assistant just got a lot more easier, the AI now works on other apps besides Google, and it can now perform tasks like searching or hailing a ride, within third party apps. For example, saying “Open Burna boy on Instagram” instantly takes you to Burna boy’s instagram page. The new update comes with a lot of cool features which Android users will enjoy exploring. This is a step closer to adopting a general assistant, and not just a “google only” assistant.

Robot animals could replace animals in captivity.

  • An engineering company in the U.S., Edge Innovations, has designed a $5 million robot dolphin. The company hopes that one day, these extremely lifelike robot animals could replace animals in captivity and help entertain people at theme parks. According to the CEO, “There are like 3,000 dolphins currently in captivity, being used to generate several billions of dollars just for dolphin experiences. And so, there’s obviously an appetite to love and learn about dolphins.”

Apple’s Homepods get smaller and smarter.

  • The new Homepod mini was the first device to be talked about in the special Apple event that announced the iPhone 12. The older version, which was bigger and more expensive, concentrated more on sound quality than being smart. The new Homepod mini is a cheaper way for Apple fans to key into Apple’s homekit ecosystem. At $99, the homepod mini will not only sound great, but it will also feature a wide range of cool features.

Making AI more humane: The Tech is too important for only computer geeks to call the shots.

  • Law professor, Frank Pasquale, discusses his vision of AI with Kaijia Gu, a partner at Oliver Wyman. Pasquale says that AI shouldn’t only be a conversation among computer scientists. He adds that there should be a way of bringing together practitioners from other fields like business, law and social science, in order to talk about an algorithm that is accountable.

ICYMI: Other trending stories you may have missed

  • Paystack, a startup in Lagos, Nigeria, has been acquired by American online payment processing company, Stripe. The acquisition is part of Stripe’s plan to expand its services geographically, especially to the African continent. This acquisition is the biggest yet in the country.
  • Feminist Coalition, one of the groups spearheading the EndSARS protest in Nigeria, has resorted to donations via Bitcoin after authorities reportedly blocked the organization’s bank account. This group is not relenting in the fight against alleged police brutality by a Nigerian police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

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