Decentralize Brief – Humans and Robots are not getting along, Crypto billionaire says Bitcoin is a lie

Crypto brief


African country Seychelles ranked as country with the highest number of bitcoin sent and received in Q1 of 2020

According to reports published by Blockchain analytic platform, Crystal Blockchain, Seychelles, ranked as the country with the most Bitcoins sent and received in the first quarter of 2020. The large number of bitcoin volumes is not new as Seychelles has over 70% of Africa’s domiciled cryptocurrency exchanges, according to Cipher Trace. 

Ripple’s money transfer network available in Nigeria

Ripple, the owner of XRP disclosed that it’s payment network, RippleNet is currently available in 55 countries of the world including Nigeria and XRO remittance is now possible in 5 continents. According to the source, RippleNet services are currently available in 95 currency pairs.

Group raising funds to sue Andre (YFI) founder over EMN hack. 

In spite of his decision to stay off social media, a group of angry investors is crowdfunding a lawsuit against Andre Cronje over the unreleased and unfinished Eminence (EMN) protocol and its hack. According to the information, the group revealed it is crowdfunding to sue Cronje, Yearn developer ‘banteg,’ and Twitter user and Yearn supporter Blue Kirby.According to the group, every fund realized will be used to pursue the case.

Ripple’s Larsen says US risks losing stewardship of global financial system to China, disses SEC

Ripple co-founder and chairman of the payments technology company’s board of directors- Chris Larsen has noted that China is itching to be the designer of the next financial system and that the U.S. is absolutely behind.

According to the news, during his speech at the LA Blockchain Summit last week, Larsen said the U.S. needs to realise it’s in a tech cold war with China with the fate of control of the world’s financial system at stake. Right now, China’s winning, he said. China is busy working towards achieving this while the US is completely focussed on politics.

Jeff Gundlach says “Bitcoin is a lie”

While many people are very much interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrency, billionaire investor Jeff Gundlach – who is known as  “bond king” – has laid out his thoughts regarding bitcoin and today’s financial markets. Although he denies being a legitimate “bitcoin antagonist”, his recent words reveal that he doesn’t  believe in it, and he’s convinced that the cryptocurrency is nothing like what it’s fans claim it to be.

According the information, In an interview, Jeff said: “I don’t believe in bitcoin. I think it’s a lie. I think that it’s very tracked, traceable. I don’t think it’s anonymous”.

97% of people consulted by UK financial regulator opposed crypto derivatives ban

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) proposed ban on crypto derivatives sales to retail investors has not been a welcomed development. According to the sources, 97% of the respondents opposed the proposal. 

AI brief

Robots 🤖

Here are some of the latest happenings in the world of AI, and believe it or not, humans and AI are getting closer, and this could make the technology smarter. 

Humans and robots are not getting along at Amazon warehouses as employees risk getting injured

An investigation launched by Reveal, a website by the Center for Investigative Reporting, reveals that employee injuries have risen, especially at Amazon facilities that use robots. Though the company claims that these robot facilities help people work better and safer, this investigation shows quite the opposite. Reveal obtained the company reports which included internal safety reports and weekly injury numbers. The data shows that in 2019, 14,000 serious injuries were recorded.

Cleaning robots that hang from the ceiling: Toyota is building heavy duty robots that can clean.

Toyota has given a closer look at the robot cleaning prototype in its California labs. The robot is being tested in mockup home home environments. The cleaning robot that hung from the ceiling like a bat, was inspired by the limited floor spaces in japanese homes. Toyota imagines a future where robots like this will be integrated into the architecture of homes. Though the idea of a robot hanging above your head sounds a little like something from sci fi, we can only wait for Toyota to launch the tech and see how people feel about it.  

When doctors and AI work together, who do we blame when things go wrong?

AI is already doing a lot in the medical line, from diagnosing cancer to helping out during surgeries and predicting sucide. AI is no Ben Carson but it’s becoming quite the doctor. Though not as much as humans, AI is still prone to error and in a field like medicine, an error could mean a lot of consequences. So, who is to blame? The doctors working directly with it, the manufacturers of the tech, or the technology itself

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From Crypto and Blockchain to AI, Fintech and Web 3.0 delivered twice in a week (Mondays and Fridays)

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