Canadian Tech Solutions Company, Bitswift, Officially Expands To The Nigerian Market

Bitswift expands to the Nigerian market

Bitswift recently joined the train of tech companies seeking to penetrate the African market, by kickstarting operations in its Nigerian branch, Bitswift NG. The tech company which runs on a network of technology professionals, has continually provided technological assistance to several businesses, since its inception in 2014. With the launch of its Nigerian branch, the company hopes to aid Nigerian businesses in accelerating their development through technology and digitalisation.

Bitswift NG’s Technology Representative, Oluwaseun Adeyinka, told Decentralize Africa that one of the major considerations for Bitswift’s decision to penetrate the Nigerian market is the status of the country’s economy as the largest in Africa. 

“There are currently many Nigerians who need tech support. The world is changing, so is the economic space. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, more schools and businesses have become digitalised. Each of these institutions and organisations are undoubtedly in need of technological assistance; and this is exactly what Bitswift NG seeks to provide”, Adeyinka added. 

Bitswift NG has officially kickstarted its operations in its headquarters— Lagos, Nigeria. The services and benefits offered, include:

  1. Management of device protection and security. 
  2. Encryption of official or personal data in the Bitswift Cloud Backup to guarantee accessibility and immutability. 
  3. Reinforcement of systems’ health through automated and proactive maintenance tasks.
  4. Remote and on-site technological support from efficient technology professionals. 
  5. Discounts and exclusive perks on repairs as well as products available on
  6. Passive rewards in form of tokens(digital currency) for Bitswift members. 

There are endless prospects available for this new branch, especially in the light of the growing thirst for digital services. The Bitswift Tech Nigeria team may be contacted here

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