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Call for Papers for the Europe-Africa Blockchain Developers’ Call

The Europe-Africa Blockchain Developers’ Call is a three-month blockchain programme which is centred on increasing blockchain awareness and the deployment of blockchain solutions in Europe and Africa. The program, which is set to kickstart on the 28th of June with the theme: “Empowering and Encouraging Home-Grown Decentralized Solutions in Creating Our Ideal Digitally Transformed Ecosystem”, will feature an integration of European and African blockchain entities, for fostering insightful discussions on the development of beneficial blockchain policies for both continents, and the development of blockchain products which will, among other things, facilitate trade relations between Europe and Africa.

The first edition of the programme, which was African-focused, was held last year, with immense success in Africa. It featured over 60 speakers, 1000 participants, and the development of three blockchain solutions for the African market. For this year’s edition, the target audience has been extended to the European continent. As such, more policy suggestions and collaborations are hoped to be facilitated. During the course of the programme, weekly conferences will be held, with the main purpose of gearing conversations centred around different blockchain use-cases, and facilitating collaborations between the stakeholders in the blockchain sectors of both continents.

In essence, in order to be able to foster insightful discussions and thoughtful expert opinions on the subject of blockchain technology, both in Africa and Europe, Jelurida Africa is calling for papers on topics related to blockchain technology, deployable solutions, and financial innovation. Authors of the selected papers will be given the opportunity to present these papers at the E-ABDC Summit and at pre-organised workshops.

Abstracts should be sent to, with the subject “Paper Submission for the E-ABDC Series”. For enquiries or clarifications, authors may also send a mail to the same address. Successful authors will be contacted subsequently.

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