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Bitmama and Xago partnership will allow 10 African countries to send and receive digital ZAR

Nigerian Bitmama and South African Xago are joining forces to make sending and receiving digital ZAR easier and faster across African countries. 

Xago is a fintech company that has developed an innovative way of moving money across the globe. The ripple powered company takes unique steps to move money in and out through crypto. It offers users a custom-built exchange for trading and receiving the digital South African Rand, ZAR. 

Starting out as a peer-to-peer currency exchange, Bitmama rapidly grew into a platform that allows users to buy and sell with crypto, without any third party interference. Founded by Ruth Iselema in 2016, the Nigerian company now helps traders bypass third party costs and wait time. 

The partnership between Bitmama and Xago will allow the Xago’s Changera app to send and receive ZAR at fast speeds with low transaction costs. 

According to Xago CEO, Mark Chirnside, on the Xago website, “the team at Xago is honoured to be chosen by Bitmama as their fiat to digital ZAR on and off-ramp partner. They are a dynamic, customer-focused company that drive leading-edge technology and are dedicated to bringing new services to the market, rapidly”.

Bitmama CEO, Ruth Iselema also spoke on the partnership, saying Bitmama constantly ponders on new ways to help customers move money around safely and rapidly, and Xago, therefore, presents an innovative solution. She shares her excitement about the partnership, pointing out that customers are bound to experience limitless financial services that will definitely stir up excitement. 

She added that Xago is a platform that is redefining blockchain technology and breaking new walls.The partnership is set to kickstart offering unparalleled services to customers in February.

Bitmama currently operates in:

  • Angola 
  • Kenya 
  • Ghana 
  • Cameroon
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania 
  • Uganda 
  • Zimbabwe
  • Nigeria

About Xago

Xago is a South African based payment gateway powered by Ripple. The platform provides bespoke, fast and secure blockchain services. 

Xago technologies was founded in 2016 by Jurgen Kuhnel, Sonya Kuhnel and Mark Chirnside. Xago has since developed innovative ways of moving money, breaking new frontiers in the financial ecosystem. 

About Bitmama

Also founded in 2016, Bitmama began as a peer-to-peer crypto exchange but has since grown into a platform to trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. 

Bitmama makes entering the crypto ecosystem very easy. Users can easily purchase bitcoin with debit card, credit card and bank accounts from over 150 countries.

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