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Bitcoin For Everybody: Michael Saylor’s New Attempt To Increase Global Bitcoin Participation

In the world of Bitcoin, Michael Saylor is a well known Bitcoin evangelist. He is known for many activities that have strengthened the development and adoption of bitcoin globally, and, more recently, for influencing Tesla to acquire $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. Michael Saylor is looking to educate more people about Bitcoin and, thus, has created a new course titled “Bitcoin for Everybody.”

The “Bitcoin for Everybody” course can be accessed by anyone for free. According to Michael Saylor’s Twitter video which introduced the course, the course will help people learn how to compare and contrast Bitcoin with other assets for investment or holding for long-term store of value, as well as provide enlightenment on the methods for purchasing, storing and sending Bitcoin. 

The course, which is divided into five units, is estimated to take about 12 hours of learning. Upon the completion of the five units, students have the option of obtaining a free certificate if they pass the final exam. The course covers the following areas:

Unit 1 : Bitcoin Economics

This section explores the history of monetary systems and how money contributes to the coordination of the society. It also explores how government intervenes in the financial environment. In this section, students will understand why bitcoin is uniquely positioned as a better alternative to previous forms of money, as well as the impact of Bitcoin on the environment. The unit is estimated to take learners about 3 hours to complete.

Unit 2 : Bitcoin Investment

This unit examines the fundamental concept of Bitcoin. It answers the question about why anyone should buy and hold bitcoin. The unit will help learners understand why Bitcoin is being used as a medium of protection from the “melting ice cube of fiat money,” and how it can be used as a form of investment. In addition, the unit also explores the volatility of Bitcoin and answers questions concerning the use Bitcoin for short term exchange to achieve profitability. 

The unit takes a step further to address the misconceptions about Bitcoin that tag it as a Ponzi scheme or bubble, which has led many governments to place strict restrictions on the use of Bitcoin. The unit takes an estimated 2 hours to complete.

Unit 3 : Bitcoin History and Philosophy

In this unit, learners would be taken through an extensive exposition on the historical and ideological foundation that birthed the rapidly-growing Bitcoin movement. Here, clear distinctions are made between Bitcoin and predecessor technologies and businesses like b-money, BitGold, e-gold and HashCash. This unit explores attacks against the Bitcoin movement and why the Bitcoin community has evolved even stronger. The unit should take approximately 3 hours to complete.

Unit 4 : Bitcoin Technology

This unit focuses on the technology behind Bitcoin that makes it an extremely secure and decentralized way to store wealth and carry out financial transactions. It examines each unique strand that makes Bitcoin radically different from other forms of money.

This unit is estimated to take 2 hours to complete.

Unit 5 : Bitcoin in Practice

The final unit discusses how Bitcoin can be interwoven with into everyday live, alongside instructions on how to buy and sell Bitcoin, how to use a Bitcoin wallet and bke to prevent scams and avoidable pitfalls while using Bitcoin.

The final unit takes approximately 2 hours to finish.

The “Bitcoin For Everybody” program is one of Michael Saylor’s many efforts geared towards the development of the bitcoin economy. His “Bitcoin for Corporations” program was attended by 8197 people from 6,917 different organizations.

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