Africa Blockchain Institute Announces Strategic Partnership with Government Blockchain Association

The Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI) — a Pan-African Institute, that is focused on building blockchain capacities in Africa, through certified training courses, incubation programs, and researches, has announced a five-year strategic partnership with Government Blockchain Association (GBA) — an international non-profit organisation that advocates and implements blockchain technologies to public and private sectors professionals and enterprises. 


“The partnership between the Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI) and the Government Blockchain Association (GBA), is targeted at bringing global resources and opportunities to Africa. At the same time, it gives the rest of the world access to the rich and vibrant resources of African talent, culture, and perspective. It is a major step in building bridges to a more transparent, ethical, and prosperous future.” said Government Blockchain Association (GBA) President, Gerard Dache. 

In emerging markets like Africa, there is no doubt that innovative technologies like blockchain, possess the potential to address numerous challenges on the continent. 

Whilst blockchain offers tremendous potential for the commercial world, it also likewise, has as much potential for governmental services. Governments exist in a competitive, rapidly-changing and uncertain environment, where companies are attracted by efficiency and cost-reductions. Attracting these companies requires a different attitude and increasingly, governments need to be run like a business. As a consequence, those governments that can apply the latest technology to offer innovative services for companies operating around the globe, will develop a competitive advantage that could be worth billions.

Countries like Estonia, Dubai, and Netherlands, for example, having recognised the enormous potential of blockchain, are already implementing the tech across their public and private sector. 

Estonia, for example, asides creating an enabling environment for the technology which has helped to attract notable blockchain and crypto companies to headquartered in the country, the government of Estonia is also currently implementing the technology across different sectors. The most recent example is the country’s e-residency program which is built on blockchain. 

Partnership and Collaboration: Key to Promoting Blockchain Adoption in Africa

It is widely believed that the impact of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain will be felt more in places like the African continent, not necessarily in the developed world. And one of the ways these can happen is through strategic partnership and collaboration between governments, public and private sectors across. This where the strategic partnership such as that of the Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI) and Government Blockchain Association (GBA), becomes helpful. 

Africa, with its vast opportunities, is tempered by persistent gaps in education, health, and skills, which have greatly limited its growth and development. Third world needs are still prevalent on the continent. A fast way to address these critical problems is to leverage on technologies. African countries have an immediate advantage to leapfrog other regions, when it embraces modern techs like blockchain. To make this happen, African governments must through innovative technologies like blockchain, position the continent as a hotspot for investment and innovation.

Commenting on the impact the partnership will bring to the continent, Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Africa Lead, Armand Gaetan NGUETI, has this to say:

“The MoU between the Africa Blockchain Institute and Government Blockchain Association with the objective of promoting the adoption of Blockchain Technology in Africa, through capacity development, and research, is a game changer as it sets the framework for multidirectional and multilateral technical and strategic collaboration between both institutions and African governments.”

With the continent’s continuous increase in its adoption of modern technologies, there is a strong possibility that the industrial landscape will transition from what we are currently witnessing. This means more innovation, which will definitely require African governments, organisations and professionals, to improve their digital literacy about the working potentials and capabilities of  new technologies like blockchain. This is exactly what the Africa Blockchain Institute provides. Speaking on the partnership, the Executive Director of ABI, Kayode Babarinde, highlights what this means for blockchain adoption in Africa.

“We are very excited about this partnership as it goes a long way in raising Blockchain capacities across African governments. Similarly, we’ll begin to see supporting policies and regulations, thereby, enabling the growth of Blockchain innovations in Africa.

“The MoU will further strengthen the adoption of Blockchain in Africa, plus cross-continental access to more opportunities.”, Babarinde added. 

About Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI)

Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI) is a Pan-African Institute which has its headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda. It was founded on the premise of promoting the adoption, development, and use of Blockchain Technology, by building Blockchain capacities in Africa for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

About Government Blockchain Association (GBA)

Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is a US-headquartered non-profit that promotes blockchain technologies by empowering individuals and organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate to solve public sector challenges around the world.

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