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Africa Blockchain Developers Call organises pitch day, set €1000 cash reward for best pitch

The Africa Blockchain Developers Call (ABDC) is set to hold its Pitch Day, which is a day event for finalists of the ABDC Bootcamp. The event would be held on Saturday, 28th of November, 2020.

The event, sponsored by Jelurida, shall witness finalists “present their amazing real life possible Blockchain solutions in different economic sectors.” The Bootcamp trainees shall present their three projects on the Ardor Platform in a competition to win the grand prize of €1000. According to the organization, the prize shall be awarded for the best solutions deployed on the Ardor Network.

The pitches shall include the presentation of Prynk, a veritable saving plan. Also, Medsync, a healthcare management platform, would be pitched by the finalists. The third pitch would be based on the blockchain solution MV Ledger, a distributed store chain solution which is built to store vehicle information from manufacturer to end-user.

The event, which is scheduled to be held on the virtual conferencing platform, Zoom, would be held by 12:00 PM West/ Central Africa time. The event is aimed at rewarding innovation and talent in distributed ledger technologies and stimulate participation in the blockchain sector. Details of registration are contained here.

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