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ABDC Series draws to a close after twelve weeks, explores Blockchain Application to Smart Metering and Real Estate

It has been an adventure into a world of insight and prospects, as the African Blockchain Developers Call ended its weekend series with its final session on the 21st of November, 2020.

The session, marking its scheduled twelfth session, with the themes “BlocBlockchain in Smart Metering as applicable to Power, Water etc” and “Blockchain in Real Estate” featured an examination into the prospects of blockchain technology in driving innovation and Smart Metering and Real Estate. The session, which was a merger of its intended theme on Smart Metering and theme of the Series’ eight week on Real Estate which was re-scheduled, featured insightful discussions from experts who preferred solutions on how blockchain could drive positive change in the sector.

The session had blockchain experts and professionals such as Nnamdi Uba, Joey Jones, Adedayo Adebajo, John Karanja and Vincent Hoffmann who drove discussions on the workings of the sector and how new technologies could drive efficiency and transparency in the industries.

Smart Metering was proposed as a viable solution to the transparency aimed to be achieved in some sectors and as a paradigm creating newer business opportunities on a competitive terrain. Also, the Real Estate session featured possibilities of Blockchain, IoT synergies in the space and how effective tokenization of real estate assets could be on the blockchain.

The twelfth session would serve as the last of the Series which explored viabilities of the application of blockchain technology to fundraising, agriculture, media and arts, governance, health, education, supply chain and decentralized market places towards driving innovation in these industries.

The convener of the Series, Adebayo Adebajo, explained the objective of the sessions and stated that the sessions had gone a long in driving brilliant discussions and conversations on the application of distributed ledger technologies to different industries to drive growth and development. He mentioned that the African Blockchain Developers Call had also driven a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the blockchain solutions through its Bootcamp, where budding developers and enthusiasts are trained on the workings of blockchain and how they could apply them to industries to drive innovation and development.

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